Who can apply?

To qualify for the loan, you must be a South African citizen or person living in South Africa permanently and earn more than R3 000 a month. The student is required to be based in South Africa. The loan can be in the name of:

  • A parent, who has proof of income
  • A sponsor or guardian, who has proof of income
  • A part-time student, who is full-time employed and has proof of income

An Absa Study Loan can be taken out by a student studying full time or part time at any of the following institutions:

  • University, university of technology, agricultural college, technical vocational education and training college (TVET)
  • Any private study institution registered at a Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) and accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)
  • Online study courses are accredited by the United States Department of Education or the UK Government of Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)


Can I borrow the full amount to cover my study costs?

Yes, a study loan can be taken out for each year of study.

  • We finance both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications – the duration of the course must be more than two months
  • You can apply for a minimum amount of R15 000
  • The study loan will only cover one year’s tuition fees and associated costs. You will need to re-apply the following year if you proceed with your studies
  • A study loan is awarded based on each customer’s risk and credit ratings
  • You may include the following with your loan:
    • Prescribed text books
    • Tuition fees including your registration
    • Accommodation
    • Computer equipment required for your studies


What you need to apply

  • A valid South African identity document
  • Proof of residential address such as a municipal or rates bill
  • Your last 3 months’ payslips or bank statements
  • Proof that student or sponsor earns a minimum of R3 000 a month
  • Student or sponsor’s approval based on affordability and risk profile
  • Proof of income from the person taking out the study loan
  • Proof of study in the form of a final letter of acceptance or proof of registration from a Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) and South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) approved institution
  • Proof of course costs for the year of study (invoices/statements); for
    • Tuition fees
    • Accommodation for full-time students not living with parents or relatives
    • Text books
    • Study-related technological devices
  • For second and subsequent years of study, proof of the previous years’ academic results to ensure student is permitted to continue studies.


How do I pay it off?

  • You can opt to make capital and interest repayments as soon as your application for a study loan is approved.
  • You can repay interest only for a period of 12 months, thereafter repayments will include capital and interest.

When topping up an existing study loan, you may repay interest only for a further 12 months.


Where can I apply

  • You can apply at any Absa branch 
  • Student bureau
  • Call us on 0860 100 372.


Get a credit protection

The Credit Protection Plan offers insurance cover for the Study Loan credit agreement with Absa. It can protect both the student and sponsor (those who take up funding for students) and offers:

  • An affordable credit protection that will pay the outstanding amount of up to R250 000, if you or the student die(s)
  • Covers you in case of permanent disability, dread disease or retrenchment by paying the outstanding amount of the study loan

For more information, call us: 0860 100 372