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At Alexander Forbes we want the best-of-breed. We employ the best minds because we pride ourselves as innovators and thought leaders in the financial services industry. We hire smart people, competent people, people who love their work.

It doesn’t matter what you do. Whether you’re an actuary, pension fund lawyer, investment specialist, risk manager or client service agent, we want you to be – and continue to aspire to be – the best at what you do.


Everything we do is based on the SERVE model. We continually strive towards greater Simplicity in delivering Expert innovative solutions to our clients. We do this to create long-term Relationships, based on the priceless Value of hard-earned trust, so that we can Enrich people’s lives.

For colleagues to continue to meet and exceed the SERVE values, we offer SuperServe Rewards. This recognition and reward programme, includes peer-to-peer recognition, manager incentives and quarterly and annual rewards.