Latest MTN SA Careers in Admin, Finance, HR

At MTN, we recognise we have an inspiring and exciting story to tell. This story is shaped by our company’s beliefs and philosophies. It is led by our vision.

As an MTNer, you are part of this story. You help narrate it on a daily basis through your work and contribution. You are a key character in each of its scenes.

In order for you to experience this story every single day, we need to define it. This is the purpose of the MTN deal. By sharing the plot of the narrative with you, we will ensure that you live the MTN story; that you’re inspired to say: ”This is why I work at MTN. This is what we do and how we do it. This is how we are changing the world”.

Our philosophy
We aren’t just a company. We’re a community – one that both connects the emerging world and shapes the future. We go beyond mere connections though. We’re committed agents of change: speeding up progress by sharing our technology, and enriching the lives of those we touch.

Our pioneering spirit means that we act boldly and decisively, and are always ready to ask “Where to next?”

We are bound by our values – and lead by our vision to be the leading telecommunications provider in the emerging world. This is what inspires us. It is our reason for being.​