To get a headstart in life with a good education, ensure peace of mind and financial security with the Nedbank Student Loan.


Features and benefits

If you really want to live a savvy life, you already know the importance of getting a good tertiary education. Whatever you choose, if you need financial assistance to pay for your studies, the Nedbank Student Loan offers you a full payment option that covers fees, accommodation, textbooks and
more, all with flexible payment terms and great interest rates.

What does the Nedbank Student Loan offer?

  • Pays for tuition fees, student accommodation, textbooks and other study-related equipment.
  • Offers a competitive interest rate and flexible repayment terms.
  • Students who have to complete community service, internships or articles to complete their chosen field of study are granted a repayment grace period.
  • Competitive credit life cover for death or disability is available.

How to apply?

To apply for a Nedbank Student Loan, the student and guarantor(if any) must bring the documents set out below to their Nedbank branch.

Anyone with sound financial standing may stand as guarantor.

The guarantor will be responsible for interest repayments during the course of the studies.

Fulltime students must be supported by a guarantor when applying for the Nedbank Student Loan.


Part- time student Full time student Surety
South African barcoded identity document(or valid passport is a non-resident) Y Y Y
Matric results/Last academic results Y Y
Proof of earnings or latest payslip Y Y
Proof of current residential address (FICA) Y Y Y
Three months’ bank statements (non-Nedbank clients) Y Y
Income and expenditure statement Y Y
Invoice/Statement of fees owed from tertiary institution Y Y
Invoice of other study-related costs (if applicable) Y Y
Cohabitation form obtained from a branch (FICA) Y Y
Proof of life insurance cover in case of death or disability (can be arranged through Nedbank or clients can provide their own) Y Y
Marital status declaration Y Y Y
Proof of registration Y Y Y

In order to qualify for a Student loan we require that the guarantor have their main Transactional bank account with Nedbank.